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Data Destruction, by Centra Cam

Did you know?

We are a part of a social enterprise company designed to make positive social and environmental contributions!

Learn more about our environmental efforts at our other websites below.

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What makes us a Social Enterprise Company?

Centra Cam Social Enterprise Ltd. is a Camrose company that operates several local businesses including a custom woodworking shop, (2) thrift stores, a document and data destruction service, and institutional recycling services. As a social enterprise company, we provide unique services that focus on achieving desirable social and environmental outcomes for the Camrose and area community.

Centra Cam Social Enterprise Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of  Centra Cam Vocational Training Association, a local not for profit organization.  As a subsidiary, profits generated by Centra Cam Social Enterprise go to Centra Cam Vocational Training Association to provide additional financial support for their charitable purpose, which is to provide support to local persons with developmental disabilities. Our financial contribution helps to enable people in the community with developmental disabilities to live more fulfilling and rewarding lives, and we are proud to directly support these efforts.

It is the direct relationship with a registered charity that truly sets us apart from a regular for-profit business. The profits that we generate from our business activities are not designed to enrich the bank accounts of an ownership group, but rather they go to directly enrich the lives of people with developmental disabilities in the Camrose area, and to benefit all Camrose residents by reducing the amount of waste going into our local landfill.

We also achieve positive environmental benefits through our thrift stores by repurposing, reselling, and thus diverting many tonnes of potential waste each year from the Camrose landfill. Further, we recycle all the papers that we shred from our document destruction and shredding service. We also pick-up recyclable items from many Camrose businesses and deliver these recyclables to the Recycle with Centra Cam collection centre to assist these local businesses with their recycling efforts and keep even more waste out of the landfill.

Additionally, we provide employment opportunities within our stores for persons with developmental disabilities to build skills, to gain confidence and respect from the community at large, and to further develop their social and professional networks.

You can feel good about doing business with Centra Cam Social Enterprise. Whether you buy a pipe bunk or a picnic table from our woodworking facility, clothing and other treasures from our thrift stores, or hire us to shred your documents, the hard-earned money that you spend with us will have a positive social impact that makes Camrose a better place to live!

We trust that you will enjoy your experience with us.