Residential Complex Recycling

We will set-up recycling stations at your residential complex

We will set-up bins for easy sorting

Allow Centra Cam to set-up a recycling station for multiple products at your business to help the community keep waste out of our landfills.

Let us take recyclable items to the depot for you.

Allow Centra Cam to set-up a recycling station for multiple products at your multi-residential location and help reduce our community's environmental impact.

Our Services

Convenient and Environmentally Responsible

We are pleased to offer a custom recycling pickup service for community living situations that has been proven effective and beneficial for more than a year at select locations. Now available everywhere, a miniature recycling depot at your building.

  • Indoor/outdoor barrels with lids for depositing recycling, emptied on a regular basis

  • As often as once per week recycling pickup service including cardboard, paper, plastics and glass

  • A convenient, close to home, miniature recycling facility located in your living area, either in the lobby or in the parking lot, or a mix of both

  • No hidden fees or penalties, just a straight across the board once monthly payment for services rendered

How it Works!

A fixed fee- based on the total # of suites in your building!

  • Centra Cam will place recycling bins in a common area at the residence, emptying and maintaining them as often as once per week on a scheduled or on-call basis

  • A designated person will be responsible for communicating with Centra Cam for Scheduling and Billing purposes

  • Centra Cam will invoice the group once per month and the group’s designate will be responsible for the payment to Centra Cam in one lump sum


Prices are fixed based on the total suites in the serviced area

  • $5 monthly per suite for a residential complex with 30 - 44 suites

  • $4.50 monthly per suite for a residential complex with 45 or more suites

  • $6 or more monthly per suite for less than 30 suites


Cardboard is large and bulky and is hard to collect indoors due to space requirements, so these are the options we can provide:

  • If space allows, there is the option for indoor barrels, just like with the other products.

  • Another option is to have an outdoor bulk bag (very large nylon bag) in a cage with a light covering to keep water out.

  • The third final option, for increased cost, is a metal cardboard dumpster emptied monthly.


  • We enable multi-residential locations to easily add a recycling collection station and support recycling efforts in Camrose.


  • As low as $4.50 per month per person.


  • Recycling efforts eliminate waste from landfills, and recyclable commodities such as metals, papers, and glass are much cheaper to refine than raw materials.


Invest into the community! Proceeds go to support Centra Cam’s programming for persons with developmental disabilities.