Corporate Recycling

We will set-up recycling stations at your business

Corporate recycling

Allow Centra Cam to set-up a recycling station for multiple products at your business to help the community keep waste out of our landfills.


Reduce your community's environmental impact and tell your clients that you Recycle! We can provide statistics for you about how much you recycled so you can include that in your corporate story.

Our Services

Schedule us to pick-up your recyclables

  • Does your business want to do more recycling?

  • If so, then please contact us today to learn how we can provide bins for your organization to collect recyclable products and keep them out of the landfill tomorrow.

*This service is not available to individual residences.

How it works

  • Centra Cam will place as many bins as you require at your business.

  • Your team would collect recyclable materials from work and place these in their respective bins.

  • Centra Cam would come pick these full bins up and remove them to the Recycle with Centra Cam facility for recycling of the products that your business collects. When we remove the full bins, we replace them with empty bins and the process starts all over again.

  • You would either call us when the bins need to be emptied, or we can develop a schedule where we come by every week, or every month, or whatever works best for your business.


As every business is different, please contact us discuss your unique situation and to get more information about our pricing.

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We enable businesses and multi-residential locations to easily add a recycling collection station and support recycling efforts in Camrose.

Be an environmental steward

Recycling efforts eliminate waste from landfills, and recyclable commodities such as metals, papers, and glass are usually much cheaper to refine than raw materials.


Invest into the community! Proceeds go to support Centra Cam’s programming for persons with developmental disabilities.